Do you feel safe sitting on your own public toilet?

Remember, your restrooms are a reflection of you and your business. Providing Sani-Seat's automatic hygienic toilet seat covers shows you care!

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If you manage a business with toilet facilities, you are responsible for the health and well-being of your customers. Sharing a toilet seat is like sharing your toothbrush or bath towel with strangers. It's a risk people prefer not to take. You need our sanitary toilet seat cover!

The Sani-Seat solution is a universal revolution!

Sani-Seat is a complete and easy hygienic replacement for any existing standard toilet seat.

Installation of the toilet seat is quick and painless for business owners!

Each Sani-Seat is composed of a covered area (A), which houses the driving mechanism and rolls of sanitary restroom hygienic film, and a toilet seat which is enclosed in the sleeve-like sanitary wrap. As the fresh sanitary toilet seat cover wrap is used, it travels around the seat and is deposited into the opposite side of the covered area. The used wrap is automatically destroyed as it is collected underneath the covered area, so there is no chance of reusing the soiled wrap.

People know there's an alternative and want our hands free hygienic toilet seat covers!

Sani-Seat creates a memorable, favorable impression for your restroom customers. It is ideal for business such as:

- Hotels and Restaurants
- Medical Offices
- Airports
- Office Buildings
- Nursing Homes- Retail Stores 
- Hospitals 
- Country Clubs 
- Schools 
- City and State Facilities

BEFORE: The Usual Toilet Seat "Cover"

- Toilet paper clogs creates plumbing problems
- Costly labor, toilet paper waste and unsanitary
- Bacterial contamination
- Unacceptable restroom hygiene conditions
- Unsightly, unprofessional appearance
- Men, women and children are unprotected against germs, disease and bacteria

AFTER: With Sani-Seat Toilet Seat Covers

- Reduces plumbing problems
- Guarantees optimum toilet seat hygiene conditions
- Eliminates bacterial infections from toilet contact
- Promotes public restroom neatness and cleanliness
- Accommodates children and handicapped
- Addresses OSHA infection control issues
- Proven cost effective

How Does It Work?

Sani-Seat is the ultimate in sanitary toilet seat cover protection.

Hands Free

Sani-Seat is the ultimate in toilet seat protection. It's part of a hands-free bathroom experience. With the simple wave of a hand, the Sani-Seat presents a fresh, clean, untouched hygienic surface for each use. An internal timer prevents abuse and wasted SaniWrap™.
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Standard Fit

The Sani-Seat installs easily on most standard toilet bowls. Customers can do it themselves, but installation into your restroom is available in our service area. Providing a clean and hygienic bathroom has never been easier than with our automatic toilet seat covers!
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Clean Revolutions

Our SaniWrap Plastic covers the surface of the toilet seat and protects the user from bacteria, germs and other 'gross' things in the bathroom. Each roll is cut as it's used so it can only be used one time guaranteeing your patrons a safe and sanitary toilet.
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Easy Refill Kits

It's easy to change the Sani-Seat's plastic wrap. We sell rolls in small packs or in bulk. Safe toilet seats, covered for user protection is made simple. Hygiene with just a wave of the hand in your hands-free public restroom. Your customers will appreciate you for it!
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EMPA Testing determined that no harmful substances result from destruction.
Label inscription on all boxes is in accordance with material regulations.
Meets all domestic and international plumbing and building code standards.

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