If you manage a business with toilet facilities, you are responsible for the health and well-being of your customers. Sharing a toilet seat is like sharing your toothbrush or bath towel with strangers. It's a risk people prefer not to take.


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Sani-Seat Receives 2020 Best of Asbury Park Award
Sani-Seat has been selected for the 2020 Best of Asbury Park Award in the Energy & Utilities category by the Asbury Park Award Program.

Businessmen flush out new idea for sanitary toilet seats
Charles Stone was demonstrating a new toilet seat in his office the other day...wait, let's start over. It was more like Stone was giving a sales pitch about Sani Seat, a toilet seat wrapped in plastic that he and his business partner, Jerry Wagenheim, said is the perfect antidote to messy public restrooms.

Sani-Seat can offset the rising cost of paper products!
Over the past few years, the percent of an in-house cleaning operations cleaning budget spent on paper products has remained relatively constant. Cleaning & Maintenance Management's In-House Surveys since 1996 have shown in-house facility managers reported spending between 2.5 and 3.2 percent of their annual cleaning budget on paper products.

'Poop' dermatitis linked to fashionable toilet seats, harsh chemicals
Considered a dermatological nuisance that was long gone, skin irritations caused by toilet seats appear to be making a comeback in pediatricians' offices, according to research led by Johns Hopkins Children's Center investigator Bernard Cohen, M.D.

Survey: Restroom cleanliness reflects entire establishment
An online survey of 2,175 adults by Harris Interactive last year found that 88% of people who visit restaurants believe that restroom cleanliness reflects the restaurant's overall hygiene, including sanitary standards in the kitchen and prep areas.

SARS Virus Survives Outside Body For Days, Scientists Say
The SARS virus can survive on common surfaces at room temperature for hours or even days, which could explain how people can catch the deadly lung infection without face-to-face contact with a sick person, scientists have found.

AIDS and Toilet Seats
Edited by W.A. "John" Johnson
It goes without saying that toilet seats often have body fluids on them; can you get AIDS from these germy hard surfaces?

How Safe Are Public Toilets?
By Deborah Kay 
Would you rather hold it in than use a public rest room? You're not alone. 60% of Americans refuse to sit when they use a public toilet. Is this good, clean sense-or potty paranoia?

Life On a Public Toilet 
Find out more about the bacterial families that are found most frequently on the toilet seats of public restrooms, including information on the Herpes disease.

Public Restrooms Frighten Users 
Nearly 30 percent of Americans avoid public restrooms out of fear of germs and 40 percent flush with their feet!

Kimberly-Clark Pushes "No-Touch" Bathrooms
Towel-and-tissue producer Kimberly-Clark Corp. is dispensing information on avoiding germs--and telling consumers to look for bathrooms that utilize "no-touch" systems as a way to avoid contact with germs.

Micro-organisms in Public Washrooms 
The data on public washrooms contamination shows how often and how easily specific high-contact washroom surfaces can be contaminated.

Toilet Seat Fears In SARS Outbreak 
Health officials studying how Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) virus is spread say they believe the disease is not transmitted in water or in the air, but could be spread by contact with a contaminated toilet seat.

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